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Phillip Phillips: The Magnetic Tour

STAR 102.5 & First Fleet Concerts Presents:

Phillip Phillips: The Magnetic Tour

The Ballroom Thieves

Mon, April 2, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


Des Moines, IA

$35.00 - $149.00

This event is all ages

Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips
Growing up in Leesburg, Georgia, Phillips first picked up guitar at age 14 and soon
mastered riffs from classic-rock tracks like Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” (mostly
by playing along to his family’s karaoke machine). He also took up singing and
songwriting as a teenager, in addition to forming an acoustic band with his older sister
and brother-in- law. With encouragement from his family and friends, he took a break
from working in his family’s pawn shop and auditioned for American Idol in summer
2011, then emerged as the show’s season 11 winner. Premiering the same day he
claimed his victory, his debut single “Home” marked the most successful coronation
song of any Idol winner and has since been certified 5x platinum.
Released in fall 2012, Phillips’s first full-length The World from the Side of the Moon
debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 and quickly went platinum. With Behind the Light
following in early 2014, and featuring the top ten hit “Ranging Fire,” he’s supported both
albums with extensive worldwide touring, including a 2016 co-headlining run with Matt
Nathanson. Increasingly known for his high-energy live shows, Phillips has also toured
with John Mayer, shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen at the Rock in Rio festival,
and supported the Goo Goo Dolls’ summer 2017 national summer tour. Phillips will
release his new album Collateral on Interscope Records January 19, 2018. For more
information visit
The Ballroom Thieves
The Ballroom Thieves
The Ballroom Thieves fought through a year of tribulations with their sophomore album, 2016's Deadeye, as their shield and sword. Only through continuing to write and perform together were guitarist Martin Earley, cellist Calin Peters, and drummer Devin Mauch able to fend off their darker days. While the skies may not be completely clear, the path ahead is -- and the trio take their first steps forward today.

The next phase begins with their new single, "Only Lonely," a track that harnesses the Thieves' handsome harmonies and nimble, sturdy acoustic folk. Though disarmingly warm, the lyrics expose the terrible version of oneself that emerges when an unhealthy mental state gains control. "I think anyone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, or profound loneliness can identify with the idea that sadness is at once a passenger and a conductor," says Earley, "and sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference."

Just as the Thieves survive on the strength of their reliance on each other, however, the chorus of howls throughout the song remind the listener that we never battle alone. "Depression can be an isolating maze, but despite the reclusive heaviness of the words in the song we attempt to keep a team mentality when a band mate, partner, or friend is living in the darkness," says Peters. "The band remains and gains strength after the touring years have taken their toll, sometimes howling as one, other times answering the cry of distress, but always relentlessly singing."

That pack mentality pervades all aspects of the upcoming EP from which "Only Lonely" stems. It's what pushed Peters to step into the writer's role more than ever, a challenge she admits she may never have undertaken if not for the buoying of Early and Mauch.

" I feel powerful and proud of myself for trying something new, and also sort of protected and encouraged by the guys," she proclaims. They've also rallied a brand new team for this latest outing, with producer Ryan Hadlock joining them for the first time and the support of a new label, Nettwerk Records. "They believed in what we were doing artistically and they weren't going to try to affect that," says Earley. "That's a really incredible thing to hear from a label, especially one of that size and that reputation."

More details on the EP are forthcoming, but their Nettwerk debut single makes one thing clear: The Ballroom Thieves are stronger together than ever, and they're ready to confront both inner and outer demons with the assurance of a band that's only begun to rise.
Venue Information:
504 E. Locust St,
Des Moines, IA, 50309